Killing for the Cure     ~     Andrew P. Smith, Ph.D.

A Biomedical Techno-thriller - Click HERE to read more at Amazon  Andrew P. Smith Ph.D.Killing for the Cure Andrew Smith

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Everyone Wants a Cure for Cancer

Is someone willing to Kill for it?

   Alan Rupert is an up-and-coming star in cancer research, on the verge of developing a new test for the disease.
     Who has him kidnapped, and why? Escaping from captivity and returning to his laboratory, Alan tries to answer these questions, now more vital to him than any in his research. Is it a rival scientist, who wants to beat Alan to the patent for his biomarker genes? Someone from his own laboratory, who wants to sell critical information to a third party? A member of his startup company, who wants to muscle Alan out of the picture? With the help of the same DNA analysis technology that he uses in the lab, Alan searches for the answers, while trying to balance cutting-edge research in cancer, the business of marketing a new test, and mentoring his new students. It is only when his kidnapper becomes a killer that Alan realizes that information he possesses is a threat to his life.

"A fast-paced, twisty book of scientific research enlivened by crime."

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The new book from cancer and neurodegenerative disease researcher Andrew P.Smith, a medical suspense novel exploring the high stakes world of cancer research.